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Mary's Mantle Consecration Retreat

You can do the beautiful Mary’s Mantle Consecration written by Christine Watkins at any time!

This is a self guided spiritual journey enjoyed in your home.  It is known to strengthen parishes, families, groups and individuals.

The retreat is made up of these components :

  • Daily Rosary : in your own home individually or as a family : Please check with your local parish Priest to see if he would like to run it through the parish or gather some parishioners together yourself!

  • Daily reading of the virtues from Mary’s Mantle Retreat Consecration book

  • A deeper journey can be experienced by including Mary’s Mantle Consecration Prayer Journal 

  • Weekly videos are available - see page 13 & 14 of above book

  • Fasting - you fast for 1 day throughout the 46 days.  

Parishes may choose from a variety of ways to incorporate the retreat into their activities ranging anywhere from gathering weekly for the videos or include participants in the Prayers of the Faithful at the various Masses each week, through to holding a celebration on the final day which is always a Marian Feast Day.  To learn more about how this may work in your Parish or High School please see Parish Resources


This Retreat is ideal for individuals, families, high schools & parishes

Order your books from your preferred retailer.

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Our Lady of Guadalupe

Mary's Mantle Consecraton Book
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Also available in Spanish, the Consecration book is available in Audio via Queen of Peace Media.

Hard copies of Mary's Mantle Consecration (can be ordered through your favourite book store).

If doing the retreat as a family and you'll be together each day - only 1 book is required for your family group.

Journal Book

Mary's Mantle Consecration Prayer Journal is a companion book to the original book, and many of us wouldn't do the retreat without it as it brings a richer experience to the retreat.  Some will want 1 journal per participant. 


This is a poster for children to colour in.  If you would like this it is available here, however it's easier if you are in Australia postage wise, to print it out yourself (right click on the picture on our site).  

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