The act of Spiritual Adoption is a personal and charitable gift of prayer, love & sacrifice.
Through our prayers, God is able to bestow faith in 

His Mercy to the parents of the unborn, granting them the gift of peace in 

their hearts, causing them to fall in love 

with their little “rosebud” allowing them to grow into full bloom.

We also pray that they will have a happy and blessed life.

In faith, we believe that God will allocate an infant to those who choose to join this program.

We choose the starting date and calculate the finishing date to be nine months later. (40weeks)

We will not know who the child is, but have faith that God will hear our prayers.

Anyone can spiritually adopt an unborn infant.  It can be done as an individual, a family or parish community. You may like to set up a program in your own parish.
It is easy to do. Resources are available on this page.

Would you like to start now?
You are invited to join the West Tamar Parish
Starting:  Sunday 13th Feb. 2022    Concluding: 20th Nov. 

Simply complete a Pledge Card from             and place it near your

"prayer chair" to remind you to pray for your little RoseBud daily.
We will provide a Monthly Progress Report in our Newsletter

Resources available 

Monthly Progress Reports

(Sample Flyer)

Pledge Card

Daily Prayer Card

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For further information about Spiritual Adoption see


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