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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Do people like this retreat?  It seems long ...
A. They love it and say they don't want it to end


Q. I'm not Catholic and don't want to say the Rosary yet, can I still participate:

Absolutely! Partial participation is an excellent way to join in.  I have seen miracles occur for partial participation so please join us, that is not a barrier



Q. What if I can't pray the Rosary every day?
A. Do it as often as you can. You could do a decade or simply pray some Hail Mary's.



Q. Can I get just one book for the whole family?
A. Yes, if you are always going to be together when you read the meditations each day, otherwise get more.

Q. What is the bigger book, the Mary's Mantle Consecration     Prayer Journal?
A. It is an optional prayer journal with questions, journal space, scriptures and quotes from saints, for those who would like to go deeper.  See more here.  

Q. Do I have to buy the journal?
A. No.  It's a wonderful optional addition to the retreat.  You can order just one for the whole family or one each, it is up to you



Q. Can children do the retreat?
A. Yes.  Children can participate very gently and at their pace.  All ages are welcome to participate.  Their fasting may be no sweet items on that day or on Friday's for example but ask them - what are you prepared to do? They may surprise you!


Christine Watkins website Queen of Peace Media
Many other questions may be answered in Christine's site as well as being able to order a Mary's Mantle poster with star stickers for each day of the retreat, or to download the Mary's Mantle colouring page for your young children.

You can also subscribe to her newsletter 

If you have any questions feel free to contact us, otherwise check out the introduction pages in the Mary's Mantle Consecration book, it is filled with information and will answer most questions.



Q. What if I can't fast?
A. When you read the book's introduction to fasting, you'll  see what you can do that fits your health needs.

Q. What is a 'Star' in terms of the retreat?
A. Each participant is called a 'Star' - each 'Star' fasts once in the 46 days and the
group (if you organise one) prays for those 'Stars' - it is a very powerful day for participants.  

Q. If I already fast regularly and wish to do more than one day, is that ok?
A. Yes.  A richer experience is enjoyed when you increase your fasting to 1-2 days per week (according to your own health situation).



Q. Privacy - Will my email be shared?
A. We only use your data in relation to this website, retreats and newsletters - we do not share or sell data.

Q. I am a non Catholic, at/close to rock bottom. Can I try this retreat?
A. Yes. Start with purchasing both books.  Consider what is involved in Mary's Mantle Retreat.  There are 5 components - reading, fasting, videos, rosary, daily emails.  Simply choose what you are happy or able to participate in eg reading, fasting, videos, daily emails - we warmly welcome you and are happy to do the retreat with you if you require a retreat buddy.  The retreat caters to full and partial participants meeting you where you are at and always inviting, never pushing.  


Miracle / deep healing required as I'm at or near rock bottom:

Q. I am doing the retreat as a full participant as I urgently require change - I have another person who loves me and really wants this change for me also, but they aren't Catholic (or aren't prepared to do as much as I am).  How do I invite them to join me?
A. Keeping in mind that you are praying for God's Will, let your special person know the following components of the retreat:

Reading, Fasting, Videos, Rosary, daily emails

Ask them what they would be comfortable doing - eg they may say Reading, Fasting, Videos, daily emails and no Rosary.  It may be more, or less.  Accept this as their genuine offering.  Their fasting may be as simple as no coffee on Friday's, for you, in God's name.  

Please only invite (and pray!) - do not push, this is really important to our own faith development too. 

It is suggested that this occur gradually - allow the person time to think and not rush.  It isn't recommended to say 'it's starting tomorrow, I need your decision today'!!  

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