Frequently Asked Questions - Mary's Mantle Retreat


Q. Do people like this retreat?  It seems long ...
A. They love it and say they don't want it to end


Q. I'm not Catholic and don't want to say the Rosary yet, can I still participate:

Absolutely! Partial participation is an excellent way to join in.  I have seen miracles occur for partial participation so please join us, that is not a barrier



Q. What if I can't pray the Rosary every day?
A. Do it as often as you can. You could do a decade or simply pray some Hail Mary's.



Q. What if I can't fast?
A. When you read the book's introduction to fasting, you'll  see what you can do that fits your health needs.

Q. What is a 'Star' in terms of the retreat?
A. Each participant is called a 'Star' - each 'Star' fasts once in the 46 days and the entire group pray for those 'Stars' - it is a very powerful day for participants.  

Q. If I already fast regularly and wish to do more than one day, is that ok?
A. Yes.  A richer experience is enjoyed when you increase your fasting to 1-2 days a week.  Please do this according to your own health requirements.  This fasting is separate to "Star" fast days.


Sign up:

Q. How do I sign up on the website?
A. Go to our Retreat page and click on "Register Here"



Q. Can I get just one book for the whole family?
A. Yes, if you are always going to be together when you read the meditations each day, otherwise get more.

Q. Do I have to buy the Mary's Mantle Consecration book?
A. It is the base of the retreat and helps you follow along easily.  See further details here 

Q. What if I cant afford to buy the books?
A. You will be able to follow along with the daily emails you receive.  You will miss out on some information but partial participation is still beneficial.

Q. What is the bigger book, the Mary's Mantle Consecration     Prayer Journal?
A. It is an optional prayer journal with questions, journal space, scriptures and quotes from saints, for those who would like to go deeper.  See more here.  

Q. Do I have to buy the journal?
A. No.  It's a wonderful optional addition to the retreat.  You can order just one for the whole family or one each, it is up to you



Q. What if I don't have email?
A. You can follow along with the book or you can find someone with an email who will be the 'Primary Participant' - you can register under their email address at the same time they register themselves

Q. Privacy - Will my email be shared?
A. We only use your data in relation to this website, retreats and updates and do not share it without your permission.  Some participants will choose for us to share their name and email only with their Parish Priest in order for us to connect you with others. If you say no on the registration form, no data is shared.  If you say yes, only your name and email are shared - and only then with the Parish Priest and email that you nominate on the form.  This is the full extent of any data sharing.


Q. Can children do the retreat?
A. Yes.  Children can participate very gently and at their pace.  All ages are welcome to participate.


Christine Watkins website Queen of Peace Media
Many other questions may be answered in Christine's site as well as being able to order a Mary's Mantle poster with star stickers for each day of the retreat, or to download the Mary's Mantle colouring page for your young children.

You can also subscribe to her newsletter 

Q.  Pricing: What costs are involved for individuals?
A. At the moment, all costs for Through Our Lady are covered by donors and people volunteering their time.
Participants may choose to purchase books from their preferred bookshop which does give a deeper experience but if cost is a factor, please do the retreat without the books



Q. What is a Primary Participant?
A. Primary participant = the person doing the registering as well as registering for children, husband/wife or other family members.  

One email will be sent to one email address, per registration.  You may have a parishioner who does not have an email but you will help them through the retreat, passing information on and helping them with the videos.

Q. What if the family members wish to receive their own emails each day?
A. Please register separately.  You will each be Primary   Participants.  


If you have any further questions feel free to contact us, otherwise check out the introduction pages in the Mary's Mantle Consecration book, it is loaded with information and will answer most questions.

Following registration, primary participants will receive a welcome email that will also provide answers.

From Day 1, each Primary Participant will receive a daily email.