If you are interested in Through Our Lady running a retreat for you, your family, your high school or your parish please give one of us a call.  

Coby:              0419 376 660

                       Tas, Vic, SA, ACT and Africa

Michelle:        0400 935 314

                       Clergy and International

Angela:           0437 100 413 


Rosa:              0427 692 929


Francisca:     0401 322 437

                       Riverside & Vietnam

Josephine:     0424 560 297

                      Clergy & Queensland, NSW, NT, WA 

Mirjana:         0426 737 789

                      Queensland, NSW, Vic

                     or send us an email:





Please note : our email list is never sold or shared, and is strictly used for retreats and newsletters only.  The only exception is when, via the registration form, you may give permission for your name and email address to be shared with your Parish Priest to an email address (the parish office) as specified by you.

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