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The Marian Movement of Priests

The Marian Movement of Priests (MMP) is an International Catholic Movement based on locutions received from the Virgin Mary by Fr Don Gobbi. The MMP has no formal structure, but is loosely organised by region. The Oceania region includes Australia, New Zealand, PNG, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Samoa and Vanuatu. The Priest responsible for the MMP in Oceania is Fr Donal McIlraith. The region is administered from Sydney.

Throughout her messages to Fr. Gobbi, Our Lady repeatedly asks for the formation of cenacles. Why are they so important to her? The answer is simple. It is because of their many spiritual benefits, and because they are the key that unlocks her tremendous power of intercession.

Page 'xii' - page 12 of this book says : 

"For all my Priest-Sons

Whatever I communicate to you, my son, does not belong to you alone, but it is for all my priest-sons, whom I love with predilection.

Above all it is for the priests of the Marian Movement of Priests whom I love most tenderly and whom I want to form and lead by the hand to prepare them for their great mission.

Therefore gather together in a booklet whatever I have told you...  You are not to concern yourself in any way with all that has respect to its printing; your confessor will provide for everything.

And this booklet is to be disseminated as quickly as possible among priests; it will be the means through which I will bring them together from all sides and with which I will form my invincible army.

Remain ever in my Heart, and trust in me, O my son!"

August 29, 1973

“Through this Movement, I am calling all my children to consecrate themselves to my Heart, and to spread everywhere cenacles of prayer.” (473 i: May 13, 1992)

To help spread these cenacles : set one up yourself, join into the zoom cenacle or order the items and make up a "pack" to give to your Parish Priest or Parish Library!  All the info is on the above link

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