Commencing 23rd August - Friday 7th October
concluding on the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary

Mary's Mantle Consecration - registrations opening soon.  See link below for more information on Our Lady of the Rosary

West Tamar Cenacle of the Precious Blood will begin the Gethsemane Hours on Thursday 11pm - 3am, accompanying Jesus in His agony in the garden. 
Prayed monthly on the Thursday before the first Friday of each month 


Cenacle of the Precious Blood - "Gethsemane Hours"
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If you would like to view (and take) our Precious Blood Gethsemane Hours booklet - click 


West Tamar Catholic Church invites you to join them in this program (starting 13th of February 2022). 
We warmly welcome other parishes, wherever you are located, to run your own program & set your own starting date - for more information, see