Registrations are now open for our upcoming retreat for the Intention of
"Grace, Peace & Mercy" 
Commencing 28 October - 12th December, finishing on the Feast of  Our Lady of Guadalupe


Let us help you to run your own Parish Cenacle of the Precious Blood

Upcoming :

West Tamar Cenacle of the Precious Blood will begin the Gethsemane Hours on Thursday 3rd February 11pm - 3am, accompanying Jesus in His agony in the garden. 

Prayed monthly on the Thursday before the first Friday of each month -

The Gethsemane Hours were prayed last Thursday (2nd of Dec). Once again it was a beautiful experience to pray with fellow parishioners in the middle of the night. We hardly noticed the hours go by.

Slight changes were made to the program, keeping strictly to the original text except that we only said the Glorious Mysteries. (This was allowable).  It freed up time for us to pray in a more relaxed manner.  
We added music between the prayers giving us the opportunity for meditation on the words we had just prayed.  We also divided the readings to be read by two leaders along with the people.    This worked very well. A truely spiritual experience.  I think we now have the Gethsemane Hours set nicely.  
If you would like to view (and take) our Precious Blood Gethsemane Hours booklet - click